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Woman says she is traumatized after workplace harassment

Category: Sexual Harassment

Woman says she is traumatized after workplace harassment

Being mistreated or harassed on the job can do much more damage than people may realize. Victims suffer emotionally, physically and mentally after they have been mistreated, and these types of injuries and pain do not just go away on their own. One of the ways that victims can regain some control and start to heal from abuse is to hold the offending party accountable with legal action.

That is what one woman in another state is doing after she says she was harassed at work by supervisors. Adding insult to injury, she has been left to deal with the situation on her own since her employer has not taken steps to protect her. The woman recently filed a sexual harassment complaint with authorities.

According to her statement, the woman was working at Wendy’s, an international fast food chain with multiple locations in San Jose, when her male general manager and another woman made sexual advances. The alleged victim said that she was told by the manager that if she engaged in a physical relationship with them, she could become a manager at the restaurant. This behavior of offering employment perks in exchange for sexual favors is referred to as quid pro quo harassment, and it is a violation of an employee’s rights.

The employee reported the behaviors to her bosses, the police and corporate officials for Wendy’s. However, little was done to repair the situation, and corporate representatives maintain that it a franchisee issue, not one that they are responsible for dealing with. The woman ultimately left Wendy’s and says she now lives in fear of the offenders coming after her. She has been unable to eat, sleep or feel safe in her own home.

The impact of being harassed or mistreated at work cannot be overstated. Victims often feel ashamed, embarrassed or fearful and may not want to come forward to report the abuse. However, employees in California and all across the country have rights that must not be violated. If and when they are, victims have the right to speak with an attorney to determine what legal options they have to protect themselves and their jobs.

Source: ABC 10, “Former Wendy’s crew member files sexual harassment complaint against general manager,” April 25, 2014

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