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Woman files lawsuit against Wal-Mart after being fired

Category: Discrimination, Wrongful Termination

It was reported on Aug. 28 that a California woman filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Wal-Mart. According to the lawsuit, the woman stated that the termination came after she warned coworkers that she was HIV-positive after suffering a bleeding injury while on the job.

The former employee stated that she suffered a broken wrist and a bloody nose after an underage shoplifter pushed her into a glass door. When her coworkers attempted to help her, she warned them that she had HIV in order to protect them. She claimed that Wal-Mart did not report the robbery and failed to provide medical treatment for three hours. She stated that she was told that she would be fired if she left. Following the attack, the former employee was suspended. When she complained to corporate she was then fired.

The woman also suspected that she was fired in retaliation. She stated that the company told her to redeem the full amount of any food stamp vouchers that were used, even if the item cost less. The former employee stated that she refused to do this as it amounted to fraud.

Former employees who believe that they were wrongfully terminated by their employer may want to discuss their situation with an attorney who has experience in employment law issues. Terminating someone on the basis of a protected disability is a violation of both California and federal laws. A firing in retaliation for a person pointing out an illegal act on the part of an employer may also be illegal under certain circumstances.

Source: Courthouse News Service, “HIV-Positive Woman Fights Wal-Mart Firing“, Ramona Young-Grindle, Aug. 28, 2015

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