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Woman files lawsuit after being relocated for harassment claim

Category: Hostile Work Environment, Retaliation, Sexual Harassment

It can feel bad enough to be the victim of sexual harassment on the job, but when little or no action is taken to remedy the situation, it can be even worse. People who are mistreated on the job should not have their legitimate concerns and complaints ignored, nor should they face negative consequences for reporting such behavior. Unfortunately, too many people in California have gone through this traumatic experience at work.

While it can certainly feel isolating and hopeless to be sexually harassed at work, victims should remember that there are laws in California that protect them. Not only is it unlawful to sexually harass an employee, it is also unlawful to retaliate against a person who files a complaint. San Jose employees in this upsetting situation have the right to take legal action to protect their rights. One woman in a different state recently did just that after she says she was mistreated by a co-worker and employer.

According to the lawsuit filed by the woman, she was subjected to sexual harassment by a co-worker on the job. The ongoing behavior created a hostile work environment at the library where she worked and she reported the situation to the director of the county libraries.

Rather than take steps to protect the woman and penalize the offending co-worker, the library took no action and allowed the harassment to continue. The woman was then informed that she would be relocated to a different library branch. This, according to the lawsuit, was a retaliatory action taken to punish the woman for filing her complaints.

Now the woman has taken her complaints to the courtroom and filed a lawsuit against the individual library, the group of county libraries and the individual who harassed her at work. She, like many victims of sexual harassment in California, is pursuing damages suffered as a result of the harassment and the wrongful relocation.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Woman says sexual harassment claims got her reassigned,” Joel Brakken, Jan. 3, 2014

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