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Age Discrimination

California Workplace Age Discrimination  Thirty-three million workers—20 percent of all workers in the U.S.—are above the age of 55. According to AARP, half the working population in the nation is 40 or older. The significance of these statistics is that Read More

Disability Harassment

Disability Discrimination and Failure to Accommodate If you have experienced discrimination or harassment due to a disability, contact San Jose disability harassment attorney Kael Briski today for a free consultation. Today, nearly, 10 percent of the world’s population lives with a Read More

Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnancy Discrimination in the California Workplace EEOC attorneys describe the pregnancy discrimination cases they litigate as showing some of the most overt discrimination of any other discrimination cases. Pregnancy discrimination is present in virtually every part of the country and Read More

Race or National Origin Discrimination

California Race or National Origin Discrimination in the Workplace Although we are now more than 50 years past the enactment of many of our initial civil rights laws, racial discrimination in the workplace still exists. In 2015, 9,438 cases of Read More

Sex & Gender Discrimination

Sex and Gender Discrimination in the California Workplace Many believe sex and gender discrimination in the workplace are the same as sexual harassment in the workplace. However, the two are very different. Sex or gender discrimination consists of treating an Read More

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment in the California Workplace Even in the 21st century, sexual harassment in the workplace is still pervasive. In fact, the latest studies reveal that one in three women between the ages of 18 and 34 have been sexually Read More

Severance Package

California Severance Package, Wage, Bonus, and Commission Attorneys Severance pay is financial compensation paid to an employee when that employee is dismissed or discharged from his or her job. Severance pay may come through unemployment compensation, a severance pay plan, Read More

Whistleblower Claims

California Whistleblower Laws Employees in the state of California who are “whistleblowers,” (that is, they report an illegal, fraudulent or unethical practice of their employer) are protected under both state and federal laws that even allow the ability to anonymously Read More

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination in the California Workplace California Government Code 12920 states, “It is hereby declared as the public policy of this state that it is necessary to protect and safeguard the right and opportunity of all persons to seek, obtain, Read More

Severance Package FAQs

1) Who is eligible for severance pay? Any employee can be eligible for severance pay. Certain factors make it more likely that severance may be paid such as: Length of employment Employee’s performance record Company Policies If there has been Read More

Sexual Harassment FAQ

What does the term “sexual harassment” include? Is it only touching? Sexual harassment is not limited to just physical touching. Sexual harassment is unwelcome or unwanted sexual advances, comments, physical touching (of you or others in your presence), requests for Read More

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