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Was female writer at TMZ wrongfully terminated?

Category: Discrimination, Hostile Work Environment, Wrongful Termination

Popular entertainment news website TMZ has a reputation for reporting celebrity gossip and rumors. However, instead of writing headlines, TMZ has been making them recently. Sources have reported that the company is at the center of a lawsuit that has been filed by a former employee who is accusing them of violating her rights as an employee.

The woman filed her lawsuit in Los Angeles and is accusing TMZ of discrimination, harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination. She says that during her time working as a writer for the TMZ website, she was repeatedly harassed and mistreated because of her gender.

The former employee was the only female writer for the website, which is not unusual according to reports. The website apparently has a history of hiring few women and quickly letting go those who do ultimately get a job.

When the woman was hired, she was warned by others that TMZ heavily favored male employees, and the woman says she experienced this first-hand during her employment. According to her lawsuit, the woman says she was repeatedly harassed, unfairly criticized and told by her supervisor not to “be a girl.” She also noticed that she did not have the same promotional opportunities or pay scale as her male counterparts.

After complaining about the biased treatment she was receiving, the woman says that the company fired her. She believes that the treatment she received from others, including her supervisor, were wrong and the company should have taken action to stop the harassment rather than fire her for reporting the matter.

Every employee should be able to expect that they will be treated fairly at work. Unfortunately, the reality is that there are companies where boundaries are pushed and limits are tested. If this violates a person’s employment rights, there may be grounds to take legal action against an employer. Workers who may be in a similar position as the woman in this post may want to consider speaking with an experienced attorney to explore their options.

Source: Courthouse News Service, “TMZ Called an Abusive, Sexist Boys Club,” May 12, 2014

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