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Employee claims she was fired after gender transition

Category: Discrimination, Hostile Work Environment, Wrongful Termination

A former Wells Fargo employee claimed that she was terminated from her job at a California bank office after she decided to transition from male to female. According to the employee’s claim, other employees and supervisors made demeaning comments about her and became more critical of her work after the intent to transition became clear.

Her lawsuit stated that she was hired in August 2010 as a man. She began to transition and wear female clothing in December of that year. In 2011, she claimed that a boss told her that her transition was an “affront to God.” When she complained to another supervisor, her work came under scrutiny.

When she adopted a new name, her coworkers refused to use it. She was reportedly allowed to use the women’s restroom but was mistreated by another coworker who took exception to this. The former employee also claimed that she was excluded from mandatory training sessions. She was allegedly fired in August 2013 without reason. As a result, she is seeking unspecified damages for a hostile work environment, wrongful termination and retaliation.

Sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the workplace can have a detrimental effect on an employee’s work and overall well-being. Individuals who believe that they were fired due to gender or sexual orientation may have the grounds to file a wrongful termination claim against their employer. In order for a case like this to be successful, the attorney may need evidence that demonstrates that the worker’s gender or sexual orientation was the basis for discrimination. This may include emails, text messages,  phone records, or witness statements.

Source: My News LA, “Was ‘he’ fired for becoming a ‘she?’ Wells Fargo sued,” Hillary Jackson, July 14, 2015

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