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Designer quits job at tech company citing sexual harassment

Category: Sexual Harassment

California is home to some of the most sophisticated, innovative and young technology companies in the world. But even in this industry that thrives on growth, development and the motivation to improve on the past, outdated and illegal behaviors are still making the workplace an unfair and uncomfortable environment for victims of harassment and discrimination.

We would like to think that these forward-thinking companies would be more aggressive at protecting workers and taking the necessary steps to deal with assertions of sexual misconduct, but there are many companies who continue to fail at taking this responsibility seriously. However, victims of harassment now have the means to share their story with a wide audience, which can prompt employers to take action instead of ignoring the situation.

For example, one former designer recently took to Twitter to share the news that not only was she leaving the tech company where she worked, but she was doing so because of the sexism and harassment she endured.

According to interviews the woman has given in the past, she was repeatedly discriminated against and threatened because of her gender during her time at the company. Not only was she mistreated by coworkers, but she was also targeted and intimidated by the wife of the company’s founder, who has since been suspended.

A CEO at the company says that their inadequacies in handling the woman’s concerns stems from the fact that they did not have the resources to deal with the situation and employed human resources workers who were not capable of dealing with claims of sexism on the job. He went on to say that the woman’s accusations are being investigated.

Unfortunately, the response to the alleged mistreatment of the former employee only came after she left her job and shared her experience publicly. However, employees should not have to be forced into a new job because of harassment at their current workplace. Rather than try to deal with a situation like this alone, victims of harassment or discrimination on the job can speak with an attorney if a company proves to be inadequate in handling the situation appropriately. With legal support, people can protect themselves, their jobs and their livelihood.

Source: CNN Money, “GitHub suspends founder over sexual harassment claims,” Laurie Segall, March 17, 2014

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