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Category Archives: Disability Discrimination

Former Hospital Employee Awarded $1.3 Million in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit

Virginia Hoover was employed as a radiologic technologist at a hospital in Camarillo when she was injured at work. She claims that her employer discriminated against her because of her injury and failed to provide necessary accommodations. The hospital ultimately Read More

Category: Disability Discrimination

California Court Says Obesity May Be Classified as a Disability

Can California employers fire someone because they are obese? Is obesity considered a disability that is protected under the law? These are important questions for Ketryn Cornell. Cornell, a former employee of the Berkeley Tennis Club, recently filed a disability Read More

Category: Disability Discrimination, Wrongful Termination

Can an Employer Ask Me About My Disability During the Interview Process?

As he turned to the third page of a job application for a secretary position with a local company, the man paused. He re-read the question he had just been asked on this seemingly standard application. Puzzled, he picked up Read More

Category: Disability Discrimination

How Do You Know You Have a Disability Protected From Employment Discrimination?

An Amazon company employee is pursuing an employment discrimination lawsuit after he was fired, he argues, because of his disability. The employee had heart valve replacement surgery in 2015 and part of his recovery requires him to inject blood thinners Read More

Category: Disability Discrimination, Discrimination

Mental Illness And Your Job

After the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission resolved over 5,000 such complaints and collected over $20 million in 2016, the agency released additional guidance about the interplay between mental illness and anti-discrimination laws. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, and other mental Read More

Category: Disability Discrimination

Understanding Disability Discrimination

The preliminary numbers are in, and the number of disability discrimination cases filed in fiscal year 2016 declined sharply when compared to previous years. Part of the drop may be because it is an election year, and given the uncertainty Read More

Category: Disability Discrimination, Discrimination

disabled person

California Employers Must Follow “Interactive Process” With Disabled Employees

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 11 percent of Americans ages 20 and older suffer from some form of “visual impairment.” When a visual disability affects your ability to work, your employer must offer Read More

Category: Disability Discrimination

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