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California sexual harassment trial date pushed back to 2015

Category: Sexual Harassment

When someone is in a position of power in the workplace, many of us would expect that person to act appropriately. This can be especially true when the person is also in the public eye. But as we have seen far too many times, there are people who exploit others by misusing their higher position.

But when it comes to sexual harassment on the job, there are laws that protect workers from being subjected to this kind of treatment. Any worker who is harassed, propositioned, assaulted, inappropriately touched or subjected to a hostile work environment may have a legitimate sexual harassment claim. In these cases, it can be very effective to work with an attorney and file a lawsuit. Not only can this put a stop to inappropriate behaviors, but it can also shed light on an unlawful situation.

For example, one woman recently filed a lawsuit against a former San Diego mayor, alleging that he sexually harassed her repeatedly. It was announced that the trial will be pushed back until next year, but her lawsuit has already contributed to his resignation from public office and publicized some of the mistreatment she faced on the job.

According to her lawsuit, the woman says that the former mayor would touch her inappropriately, make sexually-explicit comments and demand that she kiss him. And she is not the only one was has filed a lawsuit citing similar behavior. Two other women have also come forward and have accused the man of demanding sexual favors in exchange for his help and inappropriate touching.

Being the victim of sexual harassment on the job can make a person feel ashamed, embarrassed or helpless. However, taking legal action can be an effective way of regaining control of a situation involving unlawful treatment and exposing those who have harassed or mistreated employees.

Source: ABC 10 News, “Trial date set for sexual harassment suit against San Diego, ex-mayor Bob Filner,” Jan. 31, 2014

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