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California Lawmakers Considering Hairstyle Anti-Discrimination Law

California has some of the most wide-ranging anti-discrimination laws in the country. A new bill moving through the state legislature seeks to add even more protections for Californians. Under SB 188, the Fair Housing and Employment Act would prohibit discrimination Read More

Category: Race Discrimination

Study Reveals New Moms Experience Breastfeeding Discrimination at Work

Absent a private company policy, new moms aren’t guaranteed paid time off from work after giving birth. Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), a new mom can take up to 12 weeks off from work – unpaid – Read More

Category: Breastfeed Discrimination

Hewlett Packard Accused of Gender Pay Discrimination in Class Action Lawsuit

Technology giant Hewlett Packard Enterprises has been accused of sex and gender discrimination. A recent class action lawsuit reveals that the company may not compensate male and female employees equally. Instead, female employees routinely receive lower pay and fewer incentives Read More

Category: wages

How Common is Sexual Harassment at Work?

National attention has been directed to problems that have plagued American workplaces for decades: discrimination and harassment. Over the past few years, a record number of victims have stepped forward to shine a light on the epidemic. Sexual harassment has Read More

Category: Sexual Harassment

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment vs. Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment has long been a problem in the American workplace. In recent years, victims of harassment have been brave enough to step forward and speak about their experiences. This has prompted many employees to evaluate the atmospheres and behaviors Read More

Category: Sexual Harassment

California Firefighter Awarded $2.75 Million For Unlawful Retaliation

A Los Angeles firefighter was recently awarded $2.75 million in a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit. Stephen Meiche, a 57-year-old firefighter, reported the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) for “wrongfully destroying and discarding property” that had been purchased with federal money. After Read More

Category: Whistleblowing

Samsung Accused of Refusing to Hire Applicant Because of His Religious Beliefs

Samsung is in hot water for allegedly refusing to hire an applicant because of his religious beliefs. According to reports, the technology company reached out to a 34-year-old Muslim man and invited him to apply for a software technology position. Read More

Category: Religious Harassment

California Law Requires Companies to Put Women in Positions of Power

California lawmakers have been busy passing legislation to protect women in the state. Under one of the new laws, California now requires publicly traded companies to have women on the board of directors. This is a significant change from traditional Read More

Category: gender discrimination

Ex-Chipotle Manager Awarded $7.97 Million in Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Earlier this year, a California jury awarded an ex-Chipotle employee nearly $8 million for wrongful termination. According to reports, the employee was accused of stealing a few hundred dollars from a safe at the company’s Fresno location. Her bosses claimed Read More

Category: Wrongful Termination

#MeToo Prompts Wave of Sexual Harassment Legislation in California

The #MeToo movement has shined a light on sexual harassment in the workplace. Since the movement began, many high-profile employers have stepped down from their positions after being accused of sexual harassment and/or assault. Essentially forcing these employers to step Read More

Category: Sexual Harassment

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