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Can I Get Fired If I Suffer From Migraines?

Imagine that you are nauseous, dizzy, and have a headache so intense that you are unable to stand any noise or light. Your doctor is unable to prevent future episodes. Now imagine that these attacks happen to you five times Read More

Category: Discrimination

California Becomes the First State to Ban Discrimination Against Natural Hair

California’s Bill to ban discrimination against natural hair passed the assembly and senate with unanimous votes. On July 3, 2019, California Governor Gavin Newsome signed the bill into law. The law bans discrimination against natural hair, including afros, braids, twists, Read More

Category: Race Discrimination

Does a Person Have to Be an Employee to Be Protected from Discrimination?

You’re protected from employment discrimination by federal and California laws. Employers are prohibited from discriminating against you on the basis of: Race Color Age (if you are 40 or over) Religion Sex (which includes pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender identity) Read More

Category: Discrimination

How Do You Prove Age Discrimination in the Workplace?

 In California, employers are prevented from discriminating against employees or job applicants based on age. Under the Fair Employment and Housing Act, an employer with five or more employees may not discriminate against a person over 40 based on their Read More

Category: Age Discrimination

Teacher Accuses Valencia High School of Race Discrimination in New Lawsuit

Kimberly Forbes told administrators at Valencia High School that two black female students were being sexually harassed by two male students. Months later, she brought up what she believed was a “racially hostile environment” at the school. When the Black Read More

Category: Race Discrimination

California Teacher Receives $850,000 In LGBT Discrimination Settlement

Beginning in the fall of 2012, the Sultana High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance club was removed from the school’s student handbook. When club members asked to hold events at the school, the administration refused those requests. Fliers advertising club meetings were Read More

Category: LGBT Discrimination

Disney Accused of Perpetuating Wage Gap in New Discrimination Lawsuit

The Walt Disney company has been accused of systematically paying female employees less than male employees. The claim is outlined in a sexual discrimination lawsuit that was filed in Los Angeles last month. In the lawsuit, two female Disney employees Read More

Category: wages

Proposed Law Would Extend The Amount of Time You Have to File a Workplace Discrimination Lawsuit

You have the right to take legal action if you’re the victim of discrimination or harassment in the workplace. However, you only have a very limited amount of time to act. Under current law, you must file your complaint within Read More

Category: Discrimination

Former Hospital Employee Awarded $1.3 Million in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit

Virginia Hoover was employed as a radiologic technologist at a hospital in Camarillo when she was injured at work. She claims that her employer discriminated against her because of her injury and failed to provide necessary accommodations. The hospital ultimately Read More

Category: Disability Discrimination

California Charter School Agrees to Pay $8,000 to Settle Sex Discrimination Lawsuit

It’s a well-known fact that women tend to be paid less than men. This is a reality for most women, regardless of their position or job title. Certain legal protections are in place to prevent these pay discrepancies. Despite these Read More

Category: gender discrimination

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