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Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Bill Passes California State Senate

The California State Senate recently passed a bill that would explicitly protect employees from adverse employment actions for decisions they make concerning their reproductive health. The bill, if passed, would prohibit employers from firing, demoting, or otherwise discriminating against an Read More

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California Executive Argues He Was Fired Because of His Marital Status

A California executive who was fired from his high-ranking position in 2016 recently tried to argue that his firing was a violation of California’s employment discrimination laws. Specifically, the man argued that the CEO of the company – who happened Read More

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Google Employee Fired After Controversial Internal Memo Goes Public

Last month, a Google employee was allegedly fired because he questioned the company’s attitude and position on women in the workplace. Specifically, James Damore issued an internal memo to his coworkers which argued that women are “underrepresented in tech not Read More

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When Are California Workers Entitled to a Day of Rest?

In California, the law provides certain safeguards and protections for workers. One of those protections is the right to a “day of rest” during the workweek. When does that right exist? Is it applicable to all workers, or just some? Read More

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New Protections for Transgender Workers Offered in California Senate

Transgender Americans face uphill battles in many aspects of their lives. One of those uphill battles is securing and keeping gainful employment. A 2016 study indicates that California is home to more than 220,000 transgender adults. Unfortunately, nearly half of Read More

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Employers May Be Prohibited from Asking About Your Salary History

Despite a recent decision by the Ninth Circuit, California employers may soon be legally prohibited from asking about an applicant’s salary history during the hiring process. In their decision, the Ninth Circuit said that employers could consider an applicant’s prior Read More

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Can an Employer Ask Me About My Disability During the Interview Process?

As he turned to the third page of a job application for a secretary position with a local company, the man paused. He re-read the question he had just been asked on this seemingly standard application. Puzzled, he picked up Read More

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How Do You Know You Have a Disability Protected From Employment Discrimination?

An Amazon company employee is pursuing an employment discrimination lawsuit after he was fired, he argues, because of his disability. The employee had heart valve replacement surgery in 2015 and part of his recovery requires him to inject blood thinners Read More

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How Do I Know If I Have an Employment Discrimination Claim?

The workplace can be difficult, and even cutthroat, at times. Some days you may feel that you aren’t getting the respect, attention, and compensation you deserve. Maybe you were passed over for a promotion that you thought you deserved. Or, Read More

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Former Employee Seeks Damages After Alleged Workplace Gender Discrimination

On May 4, a gender discrimination lawsuit was filed against Independent Sports & Entertainment, a California sports agency, in the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles. Joyce Li, the employee filing the complaint, claimed that her former employer had Read More

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